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Woman's $3,700 camera was accidentally donated to Goodwill — here's what happened next

An amateur photographer whose $3,700 camera was accidentally donated to Goodwill wound up with a fairytale ending after her heartfelt plea on TikTok received over a million views. "So I was always hoping that something cool was going to happen out of this. It was ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of energy. I knew there had to be something greater," she added. FISHERMAN FINDS PHOTOS ON STRANGER'S LOST CAMERA AFTER IT SAT 13 YEARS IN WATER Lee, who works for With My Own Two Hands, a Lagun

North Carolina campus security officer goes viral for hugging graduating seniors before commencement

A college campus security guard is gaining national attention after the release of a video that shows her emotional "congratulations" and "goodbye" hugs to High Point University’s class of 2023. "It was just an amazing moment," Valerie Baxter, 63, of High Point, North Carolina, told Fox News Digital. "The minute the first student came over to hug me, my heart got so full and I could not cut off the tears. And then they all started coming over." 91-YEAR-OLD NEW YORK CROSSING GUARD RETIRES AFTE

WWII vet, 101, 'finally' walks at graduation 80 years after having to miss ceremony amid global war

Eighty years after missing his college graduation ceremony, a 101-year-old WWII vet walked the stage and officially received his diploma on Sunday, May 14, in Mount Vernon, Iowa. "Every able-bodied man and lots of women were involved in World War II," Fred Taylor of La Mesa, California, told Fox News Digital. "I think 16 million altogether," Taylor added. "I have no regrets about going into the service." He went on, "I really enjoyed flying. My only regret is missing my graduation ceremony, as

'Do you know these WWII veterans?': Missouri historical society asks for help in identifying unnamed heroes

A historical society in Missouri is hoping to place names to the American soldiers' faces as part of a neighborhood mystery linked to World War II. The McDonald County Historical Society is asking for the public’s help in identifying 65 veterans — all included in a photo album created during the war, as local boys and young men left their homes in the southwest corner of Missouri to serve their country. "There are roughly 115 veterans in the album that needed to be identified," Hazel Sheets, d

WWII vet, 100, lives 'charmed life' in spite of surviving Great Depression, Dust Bowl storms and a global war

A World War II vet who says he’s lived a "charmed life" despite surviving the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and a global war, turned 100 on May 13 and continues to give back to his community, sharing a message of faith and the importance of seizing opportunities that come along. "Opportunities are going to present themselves throughout life," Keith Davison told Fox News Digital. "Everybody has different opportunities and then you have to make decisions. If you're careful about that and make

Florida woman who survived Holocaust turns 100, throws first pitch at Yankees-Rays game: 'Really wonderful'

A crowd of more than 25,000 cheered on 100-year-old Holocaust survivor Helen Kahan as she threw the first pitch of the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees. "It was really wonderful and exciting," Kahan told Fox News Digital of the May 5 first-in-series baseball game held at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. "I loved seeing so many people cheering for us, ‘Go Tampa Bay. Win, win, win!,’" the centenarian added. "Thank you for honoring me. Thank you for honoring the

High school senior who went viral for 'record' $10M in scholarship offers makes final college decision

Sixteen-year-old high school senior Dennis "Maliq" Barnes — who has earned scholarship offers from more than 150 schools — announced his college decision at a news conference today. "Today, I am pleased to announce my final college decision for the fall of 2023," Barnes said this morning at his high school campus located in New Orleans. "It is an honor and privilege to be accepted to the Ivy League Cornell University’s College of Engineering in Ithaca, N.Y.," he added. LOUISIANA HIGH SCHOOL S

Holocaust survivor from Florida to celebrate 100th birthday by throwing first pitch at Yankees-Rays game

Seventy-eight years after surviving three concentration camps and a death march, one Florida woman will celebrate her 100th birthday by throwing out the first pitch at Tropicana Field as the Tampa Bay Rays host the New York Yankees on Friday evening, May 5. "I never could have imagined celebrating a birthday like this, let alone my 100th," Helen Kahan of St. Petersburg, Florida, said in a statement. She went on, "I’m so grateful that I am here to tell my story and help the world remember why k

Louisiana high school senior who received 125 college offers, $9M in scholarships, thanks God for his success

Sixteen-year-old scholar Dennis Maliq Barnes has been offered a record-breaking 125 college acceptances and more than $9 million in scholarships – which may be more than any other college-bound senior in U.S. history. "This whole experience that I'm having right now has given me a sense of gratitude for everything that I do," Barnes, a senior at the International High School of New Orleans (IHSNO), told Fox News Digital. "I give all the glory to God because he played a huge role in everything

Mid-Century Modern

Built in 1961, this classic mid-century modern brick home in Cameron Park has only housed two owners. Architects Robert S. Braswell and William P. Davis designed the 2,100 square foot one-story, three bedroom, two bath home on a raised .64-acre lot. With its flat planes, large windows and views of the outdoors, the home is known as one of the only true mid-century homes in the neighborhood. The current owners, who consider themselves preservationists, chose to modernize the home while honoring its classic and historic mid-century architecture. In January 2020, it was gutted to the studs and was mostly completed that July.

A Splash of Swank

Peace and calm — with a splash of swank. That’s what interior designer Renae Palmer of Palmer Davis Designs was tasked with creating for a client upgrading their primary suite into a larger, more open and functional space last September. “They wanted to remodel their primary bedroom because it was too small, but it actually is really good square footage,” Palmer said. “It simply was not laid out in a functional manner. The bedroom was massive, and it included a sitting area with a beautiful Hill Country-like wooded view — but that no one was using."

Washington woman who bought $3.99 urn from Goodwill reveals mystery has been solved

The mystery behind an ashes-filled urn that was unexpectedly found by a thrifter in has been solved after a TikTok video revealing the discovery reached 15 million people. The woman, Josie Chase, was thrifting when she bought the $3.99 urn containing — as it turned out — the ashes of a dog named Toby at Goodwill. Earlier this month, she told Fox News Digital she was searching for the urn's owner and all she knew at the time was that the urn bore the name "Toby." "Happy ending to the Toby story

Arizona woman finds heartwarming note tucked inside $2 book at Goodwill — now, she's searching for its owner

The search is on for the intended recipient — or the author — of a heartfelt note that was found inside a book at an Arizona Goodwill, which has become a message of hope for an entire community. "Believe, Trent — ," the note said, with certain words underlined for emphasis. "You are loved and respected! So let’s get going. The ride may be bumpy but will get there. When you believe in you as much as I do, you will there. — Dad." Rose Farmer, 46, of Gilbert, Arizona, was recently shopping in he

Huge alligator in Pennsylvania, measuring 8 feet, removed from residents' basement: 'Could hear him hissing'

Animal control officers have removed an 8-foot alligator from a padlocked basement pen located inside a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home. "When we walked up to the padlock, there was this little window on the door, like you see in these prisons in movies," Sarah Barnett, executive director of ACCT Philly told Fox News Digital. "We all kind of peered in, and we just went, ‘Oh crap.’" The original call to ACCT Philly requested the removal of a 5-foot alligator, but Barnett said her team knew imm

Minnesota WWII veteran celebrates turning 100 years old, wishes today's young people had 'more backbone'

A female World War II veteran who overcame tremendous hardship during her lifetime — including war — turned 100 this month. She shared with Fox News Digital memories of raising three siblings, serving her country, bringing up her own eight children, becoming a nurse at age 49, suffering the loss of a son to suicide — and square dancing until she was 92. More than 200,000 women served in the military during WWII — but only about 10,000 of them are still living today, according to the National W

Texas best friends, age 81, go viral for traveling to 7 continents in 80 days: 'Make some plans and live'

Two 81-one-year-old besties from Texas just returned from the adventure of a lifetime — a trip around the world. They hit all seven continents in just 80 days. "We never missed a day, the whole 80 days," Ellie Hamby, 81, of Abilene, Texas, told Fox News Digital. "We never woke up and said, 'Oh, we're just too tired. Let's stay in bed.’ Never. We got up every morning and were ready to take on the next adventure." Ellie Hamby of Abilene, Texas, director of Zambia Medical Mission, and Sandy Hazel

Florida swim instructor's viral TikTok warns parents to avoid buying blue bathing suits for kids: Here's why

A mother from Spring Hill, Florida, has gone viral after warning viewers that the color of a child’s bathing suit could be a life-saving factor as pool season approaches. In her recent TikTok video that grabbed 6.2 million views, Nikki Scarnati, an Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) and self-rescue instructor, issued a PSA: "Don’t buy blue bathing suits!" Scarnati, 32, told Fox News Digital, "As an instructor in the industry, it's kind of widespread throughout our community that blue bathing suits

After Missouri veteran’s car is stolen by teen scammer, community rallies around 93-year-old: 'Overwhelmed'

The community of Independence, Missouri, is rallying around a 93-year-old veteran whose last remaining asset — his car — was stolen by a teenager in a brazen act as the young person pretended to be interested in buying the vehicle. "It was a gut punch," said Monte Nordeen, 38, who was helping his grandfather sell the SUV and had posted it on Facebook Marketplace. "You’re just in total disbelief," Nordeen also told Fox News Digital. "Time kind of slows down and you're like, ‘What just happened?

Michigan couple welcomes 1st baby girl born into the family after 138 years of boys: 'Utter shock'

A Michigan couple is seeing pink as they welcomed a baby girl named Audrey in March, ending a 138-year streak of only boys being born into the family. When Carolyn and Andrew Clark of Caledonia, Michigan, held their "gender reveal" party, they weren’t expecting any big surprises. Andrew Clark had informed his wife before they married 10 years ago that they would not be having a girl — due to a long line of male-dominated births in his family.
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